Recent Before & After Photos

Carpet Cleaining in Harvey, LA

Baby food and coffee stains in the family living room.

Sewage Backup

This home in Marrero, LA had a sewage backup that resulted in the dry wall being removed 3 feet high and the home being treated to prevent microbial growth. READ MORE

Broken Pipe Gretna, LA

A pipe burst in the wall of this home in Gretna Louisiana. The extent of the damage went about twelve inches up the wall and required the drywall to be removed... READ MORE

Mold in home New Orleans, LA

This home in New Orleans had a mold growth due to a long term leak in the pipe. Notice the black spots covering the dry wall. Damage extended through out the ... READ MORE

Soot Damage in Gretna, La

Fire, no matter how small, can cause extensive damage through out a home. In this home in Gretna Louisiana a small kitchen fire sent soot through out a home. ... READ MORE