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Fire and Water Damage in Metairie

Fire damage to this Metairie home was minor in nature, but the damage seemed much worse to the homeowners. Their house had sustained considerable water damage from extinguishing the fire, and of course, there was the soot and smoke damage which always accompanies fires. SERVPRO of The New Orleans West Bank was called in to clean up the water and the associated damages. Our team of industry certified technicians provided the homeowners with a thorough damage assessment report that they could pass on to their insurance adjuster. Then they presented a comprehensive plan for restoration, which included all of the various damages to the dwelling.

Commercial Water Damage in New Orleans

A property in New Orleans experienced significant water damage and needed our help. Our experts arrived quickly to assess the damage. We created a restoration plan, and we were able to restore this property to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank has the equipment and expertise to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial loss in The New Orleans Westbank

We understand how important it is to keep your business open and how closures from water and fire loss can devastate your business.  Our SERVPRO team members continually train in the best loss recovery practices. We also have state-of-the-art equipment that we bring to each job.  We can handle any job size and make your loss "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage in New Orleans

Water damage. Two words a homeowner doesn't want to hear.  SERVPRO answered the call to restore this home to its preloss condition. SERVPRO is available 24/7 365 days a year to make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage

When this New Orleans homeowner experienced water damage, they called SERVPRO.  We have the experienced technicians and equipment to restore your home.  We are available 34/7, 365 days per year to make your home "Like it never even happened."

Mold Attack in a New Orleans Property

The water leak from a broken pipe resulted in large mold patches and damage to this rental property in New Orleans. Once the source of the moisture is stopped, SERVPRO technicians can place an air scrubber while performing a controlled demolition of the non-salvageable sheetrock. We can then apply an antifungal agent to the exposed wall cavities to help prevent future mold growth. A good reason to rely on SERVPRO? Our experience and results for our customers.

Laundry Room Washer Leak

This carpet suffered from water damage after a washer leak.  The carpet was pulled up and air movers were used to dry under the effected areas.  Contact us at (504) 348-7526 for your water restoration needs.

Utility Closet Water Loss

After a pipe leak this utility closet had signifiant amount of water in the floor.  After mitigation there was residue from the water.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began clean up procedures.

Water Damage Equipment

SERVPRO has the professional restoration equipment for any type of emergency.  The team is ready for your emergency anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Contact us at (504) 348-7526.

Apartment Water Damage in New Orleans

The Diaster Recovery Team responded to this New Orleans apartment.  The apartment suffered from significant water damage after a storm.  The team responded quickly and began clean up procedures. They used air movers to dry the inside quickly to prevent future damages.  

Water Damage By Washer Hose

When a water line breaks, it can flood a room in a very short time. The lines you see in this picture did just that and caused a significant amount of flooding in this room. 

Flood Cuts To Remove Moisture

When an insulated wall is damaged by water, the insulation cannot be dried and still maintain a proper R-Value. That is where flood cuts come in. We cut above the flood line to remove and replace the affected insulation and drywall.

Dishwasher Disaster

It doesn't take long for a broken water line to cause a lot of problems for you. That is what happened in this case. The line running to the dishwasher broke and filled this kitchen with water.

Demolition In Bathroom

This bathroom was flooded and heavily damaged by water. We had to take the floor all the way down to the sheathing in order to remove all the excess moisture left behind by the flooding.

Debris Disposal

In this picture, you can see a large amount of debris that was removed from structures affected by severe storms that rolled through the area. Our team is always prepared for anything. If you are affected by storms, call us!

Demolition and Cleanup

In this picture, you can see that the demolition process included removing flooring in order to help remove moisture after a storm water intrusion into this home. We then brought in drying equipment to remove all the remaining water.

Carpet Removal For Storm Damage

When severe storms caused a water intrusion in this home, this room was heavily affected and, as you can see, some of the carpet had to be removed in order to properly repair the damage.

Utility Room Flood

A large storm recently caused flash flooding that affected multiple structures and caused water intrusions all over. This structure was one of the ones affected. We were called in to handle the cleanup and repair.

Moisture Left Unchecked Causes Mold

This home had a moisture problem that went unchecked while it was vacant. The moisture problem caused a rather severe mold problem. This sort of thing can get out of hand quickly, but we can help!

Mold From Flood

As you can see from the flood lines on the wall, this home had a substantial flood that left moisture behind. The moisture left behind caused mold to grow on the walls and under the carpets.

Water Leak Causes Mold

This wall developed mold after moisture from a water leak went unnoticed for a short time. It doesn't take long for a problem like this to develop. If you find yourself in this situation. Call us!

Wall Affected By Mold

Moisture problems can lead to bigger problems like mold, as you see in this picture. This home was vacant for a short time, but it was enough for a moisture problem to cause the mold you see here.

Disposal Of Moldy Material

This bag is filled with materials from a mold removal job. We always bring the proper equipment for containment and removal of mold and moisture to prevent further microbial growth. We will properly dispose of affected materials as well.

Ready For Whatever Happens

If your home or business suffers a loss like this, you need a team of professionals that is trained and equipped and ready to handle the cleanup. We are always ready and will always be faster to any size disaster.

Soot and Debris

This hotel room was damaged during a large fire. Here you can see soot and debris left behind by the fire. We are trained and equipped to remove soot and debris. We will make it "Like it never even happened."

Hotel Fire Damage

This hotel had a large fire that did a great amount of damage to multiple rooms, including this one. Our team is always ready for disasters such as this one, so if you have a fire loss, give us a call!

Right Through The Roof

A large fire tore through the interior of this structure and also burned right through the roof. Our team is well trained in fire cleanup and soot removal. We are also demolition and restoration experts.

Odors Too?

In this picture we are using an air scrubber to help remove excess moisture from this office. However, these air scrubbers are equipped with more than one type of filter, including a carbon filter, which also removes odor.

Using the Correct Equipment

When you have a water loss situation, you need the proper equipment to handle the removal of the excess moisture. In this picture, you can see one piece of equipment we use for this process.

Air Condition Leak

This facility suffered flooding from a leak that developed in the air conditioning unit pictured here. The leak affected the surrounding rooms and we were called in to clean up the water and repair the damage.

Flooded Hospital

We were called to this hospital to deal with heavy water damage. Our team responded quickly and were able to get them back up and running in no time. If you have a water loss, give us a call.

Removing Tile

This restroom had a water loss that required the removal of the tile to be able to remove all the excess moisture. Our team is well trained to handle not only the removal of moisture, but demolition projects such as this.

Water Damage Equipment

SERVPRO has the professional water damage equipment for quick water extracting and drying.  They use the air movers to dry flooring and content. Every water loss is different so we have trained technicians to meet your criteria.  

Common Area Water Damage

SERVPRO has professional equipment for all types of water loss.  They technicians have the training to use this equipment as pictured to ensure the moisture is out of the building to keep further damages from occurring.

Kitchen Fire in the Westbank

Grease fires are scary enough, but when the cupboards ignite it is time to call in the professionals. SERVPRO of the New Orleans Westbank can make it "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage From River

This facility was flooded when the nearby river rose due to heavy rains from recent storms. There was a lot of water and debris left behind when the flood waters receded, but we were able to make it "Like it never even happened."

When the Storms Come, We'll Be There

The damage that storms can cause can be absolutely devastating. When it happens, you want your life to get back to normal as quick as possible. Our disaster recovery team is always ready to help you do that.

Stocked and Ready

We always make sure our technicians have the equipment they need when responding to your mold loss situation. From fans to air scrubbers and everything else that might be needed, you can be sure that our technicians are ready with the right equipment to take care of the mold.

Ready Anytime

No matter if it happens during the day, or in the middle of the night, a fire is devastating. You don't want to have to wait for an emergency response when it happens. That is why we are ready any time, day or night, to respond to your fire loss.

Using the Right Equipment

Dehumidifiers are one of the pieces of equipment we use when dealing with damage due to moisture. In conjunction with fans and scrubbers, dehumidifiers help us to make sure we don't leave any moisture behind to cause further problems.