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How Can I Dry Commercial Premises After Flooding?

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

paint on ceiling peeling and bubbling after water damage This building suffered extensive water damage when a fire sprinkler system malfunctioned. We were able to dry the damage and restore the building.

SERVPRO Establish Proper Drying Techniques to Help New Orleans Businesses with Commercial Flood Damage 

How can I dry a business quickly? 

We understand that temporary closure to your New Orleans business can be frustrating and expensive. Our team works with premises managers to ensure that drying property is as efficient as possible, allowing you to re-open faster. When materials become wet, evaporating moisture can form a layer of saturated, humid air above the surface. This layer can slow down drying times as water on, or surfaces have nowhere to go. SERVPRO technicians can combat this vapor barrier by ensuring air circulation remains consistent throughout your business premises. We achieve this primarily by placing air-movers in the property with precise entry and exit spaces. 

How do I place the air - movers? 

  • Use enough air-moves to create air circulation across surfaces
  • Balance air-moving equipment with dehumidification
  • Allow entry and exit points 

How can I set up an efficient drying situation? 

A property with commercial flood damage in New Orleans is likely to require a significant number of air-movers. However, the exact number depends upon the situation. If floodwaters have primarily affected floors, we can use less air-moving equipment. On the other hand, if there is visible wetness on walls or ceilings and fittings, carpets, and furniture, the number of air-movers must increase exponentially. SERVPRO technicians can create a circular airflow by placing air-movers at a 45-degree angle. Circular airflow can help to dry the upper areas of a property. Generally, we use one air-mover per 10 to 16 feet along walls. 

How do I balance air-movers and dehumidifiers? 

  • A low number of air-movers to dehumidifiers can slow drying
  • Too many air-movers can spread moist air causing secondary damage
  • A balanced drying system ensures dehumidifiers capture any moisture in the air 

Re-opening a business after flooding is a time-sensitive issue. Contact SERVPRO of The New Orleans West Bank at (504) 348-7526. 

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How Can Burned Walls Get Fixed in My New Orleans Home?

9/7/2020 (Permalink)

Living Room On Fire SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank has the equipment and extensive training to handle any size fire cleanup and restoration needed to fix your home.

SERVPRO technicians can restore your New Orleans home safely from any size fire damage

Anything that got charred from the flames has no potential for reuse, generally. However, if the walls or ceilings are discolored but not damaged from the smoke, they may remain in place and receive applications to seal in any odors. After a fire occurs in a New Orleans area home, there are often multiple levels of restoration services needed, such as:
    •    Removal of burned building materials and articles using controlled demo techniques
    •    Extraction of water or cleanup of fire retardant chemicals
    •    Cleaning of smoke damage off the interior and contents

What Should I Expect During Fire Cleanup and Restoration Services?
When you need fire cleanup and restoration to your New Orleans home, there are numerous considerations before the SERVPRO technicians arrive on-site. First and foremost, do not enter the property unless the first responders have said it is safe to do so. If there are items you need or paperwork, wait until the technicians arrive, and the crew chief will be glad to assist you in whatever you need.

Depending on the size of the fire in the house, one of the first things that usually happens is containment around the work area. The technicians do this to avoid any cross-contamination of soot throughout the home. Airborne soot particulates can range in sizes from just large enough to be seen to microscopic. The biggest problem with soot is it not only brings odors wherever it is, but it is also a potential irritant for humans and pets to come into contact with.

SERVPRO techs adhere to the highest safety measures during the restoration services. In cases where the fire damaged the exterior of the home, temporary repairs may get made such as:
    •    Tarping over flame-damaged roofing  
    •    Placement of boards over broken windows or doors
    •    Security tape around the perimeter to keep unauthorized persons off-site.

What Happens to Charred Walls and Ceilings?
Sometimes what gets mistaken for charring is actually a heavy layer of soot. On a case by case basis, SERVPRO techs test the surface to determine the best cleaning method. Walls and ceilings constructed from sheetrock tend to buckle rapidly after exposure to heat and water. The techs first attempt to clean the surface, and if that is not successful, the techs only remove the damaged portion to make the repairs easier. Sagging ceilings can present a danger for falling, and generally get removed through controlled demolition actions. Any insulation within the walls gets collected using a vacuum with a special bag fitting.

When soot is clinging to the framework of a home, it is not feasible to wet the wood to clean it off as this can drive the soot more deeply into the grain. However, methods such as soda blasting can remove the residue and leave the framework with a lightly sanded finish and ready for sealant.

As stated, some surfaces can absorb wet cleaning solutions and, therefore, methods such as using dry cleaning sponges to lift away the residues work to prevent further damage. This attention to detail is one of the many ways the techs save items from disposal and clean them for reuse.

How Do Smoke Odors Get Removed?
The techs scope the home and determine the areas that need odor control applications. Anywhere soot particles are, there are odors. The techs use air quality improvement methods during the restoration services, such as air-scrubbers, to reduce the amounts of airborne particulate. Once the work gets completed for disposal of ruined building materials and articles in the home, the work to remove all reminders of the fire due to the scent of smoke begins.

For airborne odors, the use of hydroxyl generators is often enough to capture and neutralize any remaining smoke odors. This method is safe for use around people and pets. However, in porous materials ranging from carpet to upholstered furnishings and other items that can absorb scents, the use of thermal fogging is the answer. As the tech moves through the house, disbursing the solvent heated to a fog state, it penetrates and eradicates all odors, never to return. During the application of the fogger, all residents, pets, and plants should get removed from the premises.

Washable items do not require disposal if they smell like smoke. The techs have access to the powerful Esporta Washing System, and it can remove all traces of the fire damage odors in just a single-use.

SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank at (504) 348-7526 has the equipment and extensive training to handle any size fire cleanup and restoration needed to your home and contents.

Three Things Gym Owners Should Ask Mold Removal Companies

8/26/2020 (Permalink)

green SERVPRO van parked at job site SERVPRO Provides Vehicles Stocked with Advanced Equipment and Products and Technicians to Remediate Mold Damage in New Orleans Commercial Sites

How New Orleans Gym Owners Can Choose Trustworthy Mold Removal Companies?

If you run a gym in New Orleans, you know that high standards of health and hygiene are vitally important. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing contractors to help maintain your business premises.

Why would a New Orleans gym need mold removal companies? Because sometimes with even high cleaning standards, mold can still grow. The microscopic spores can flourish anywhere with moisture, oxygen, and a food source to sustain them.

Can I just clean the mold myself?

SERVPRO does not recommend cleaning the mold yourself. Home concoctions and remedies are not as effective as professional cleaning, and some of them (such as using bleach) can even make the problem worse. It is far better to call in experts who know the best way to handle mold infestations and spores so that you can focus on your gym business.

Here are three questions to ask mold removal companies.

  1. Do you have specially trained mold technicians?

You want to know that the people you hire have the knowledge you need. Each SERVPRO franchise has several mold remediations experts. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification accredited technicians:

  • Undergo thorough training at each branch
  • Specialize in remediating mold growth
  • Use the latest industry-standard equipment
  1. Will your team use proper containment?

Containment means:

  • Surrounding the affected area with plastic sheeting
  • Taping up all ducts, vents, doors, seams and anywhere else mold spores could escape
  • Setting up a second decontamination area if necessary (this is not needed in every case) as a staging area
  • Setting up air scrubbers or negative air machines to remove particles from the air

Containment helps prevent the spread of mold spores to other parts of your gym and is a vital factor for effective mold remediation. SERVPRO technicians use containment when dealing with fungi.

  1. What happens after mold remediation?

As a business owner, you know the importance of good customer safety and service, and you want to receive excellent customer reviews. Ask your mold remediation company about their follow up process.

Our team will check in with you after a week to make sure you are happy with your mold cleanup, and to answer any further concerns.

For help with mold abatement, call SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank at (504) 348-7526. We can work off-hours.

How Does SERVPRO Deal with Residential Water Emergencies in New Orleans?

8/12/2020 (Permalink)

main pipe burst and flooded downstairs Placing drying equipment like our air movers and dehumidifiers can help structures after water disasters.

When pipes burst in New Orleans homes, flooding can occur quickly and spread to many areas of the house.

Damage to flooring materials and wall systems is often inevitable when water disasters impact New Orleans homes. As quickly as this situation can get out of control, a fast response from competent professionals like SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank makes a considerable difference in the ultimate structural losses experienced. A water main bursting in the house can quickly flood lower levels like the basement and impact original hardwood flooring, as you can see.

When water extraction and demolition in New Orleans homes are necessary, we dispatch our professional restoration technicians and in-house contractors. With this residential property loss, we reacted with practical mitigation steps because saturated flooring materials can damage the underlying subflooring. The water and electricity services were severed temporarily to provide a safe workspace, requiring creative approaches in mitigation and water removal.

Controlled demolition is an effective approach for minimizing further damages and losses. Removing planks allows for more efficient and direct drying, which we work to accomplish through the installation of four dehumidification units while submersibles continued to remove standing water from the basement level. Because electricity was turned off until mitigation made it safe to restore, we ran powered equipment from a trailered generator supplying power to two spider boxes/power stations.

What Materials Must Get Removed and Discarded After Water Losses?

Removing materials through controlled demolition helped this property provide more ideal conditions for whole-house drying and moisture removal. Migrating water from a break or line burst in a home can impact many areas, including:

    •    Ceiling
    •    Wall
    •    Flooring
    •    Contents

Placing drying equipment like our air movers and dehumidifiers can help structures after water disasters. Removing flooring can often be necessary when standing water exists because saturation for elements like hardwood begins almost immediately. Give our SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank team a call today at (504) 348-7526.

How Can I Prevent Washer and Dryer Fire Damage?

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

washer and dryer damaged by fire SERVPRO wants to help you prevent fire incidents by taking precautionary measures to avoid a possible catastrophe.

New Orleans Homeowners Take Steps To Reduce Fire Damage Risks.

New Orleans homeowners know how convenient it is to have a washer and dryer in the home. Those who have previously lived in an apartment with a laundry room, or had to make laundromat trips, know it is more convenient to wash your clothes in your own home.

However, washers and dryers present a fire damage risk to New Orleans homes. This is something that people do not always consider because they are appliances used to soak garments and dry them again. When people think of a home appliance fire, they most likely think of an accident with a stovetop, or perhaps of a laptop overheating and causing a spark. 

When appropriately used, washers and dryers are safe for the home. However, it is good to take extra precautions to prevent them from becoming a fire damage risk.

What can I do to keep my washer safe?

There are some simple steps you can take to keep your washer safe from fires:

Do not overload your washer – follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how many clothes to add at a time

Make sure your appliance is properly grounded and connected – SERVPRO recommends getting a professional installation wherever possible

Keep up with washer maintenance – check out everything from the seals to the connectors regularly

Be careful if washing clothes that have come into contact with flammable liquids like gasoline – make sure they are completely dry before washing them

What precautions should I take with my dryer?

You should ensure your dryer is connected correctly and grounded, and perform regular maintenance checks on it, just as you do with your washer. Besides, it is a good idea to:

Always use a lint filter and clean the filter regularly

Only dry the suggested amount at a time

Do not dry clothes that are not suitable for tumble drying and never, dry clothes drenched in flammable liquids

Make sure the vent pipe is not obstructed in any way

These simple maintenance tasks and guidelines are easy to follow and can help prevent the stress and cost of fire damage. Be sure that all appliance users follow the directions, and that your family agrees on who is responsible for ongoing maintenance checks.

Is there anything else I can do to make my appliances safer?

If possible, try to store your appliances away from other sources of fire, and from flammable materials. For example, if you store your washer or dryer in the laundry room, do not place flammable liquids beside it. It is also essential to read the manufacturer’s instructions. Many people shove the instruction manual in a drawer, but it is good to familiarize yourself with it.

How can SERVPRO help if something goes wrong?

Sometimes even with the best of intentions, a fire breaks out. In the event of a blaze, SERVPRO of New Orleans is here to help. We aim to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

We recommend that as soon as the blaze is extinguished, you call SERVPRO. Our technicians will arrive with all the equipment needed to tackle the fire cleanup process.

We start by pumping out any excess water from fire fighting efforts. We bring a range of water extraction equipment, including freestanding extractors, rotary extractors, and extraction wands. Untreated damp areas can lead to mold, which is why we begin with water extraction.

We assess the damage to your property, and our SERVPRO team draws up a restoration plan to get your home like new again.

Can my appliance be saved or should I dispose of it?

In most cases, saving fire-damaged appliances is not possible. However, we are here to advise you not only about your machine but also about any other items damaged in the fire. In many cases, it is possible to save personal effects and furnishings if we take action quickly enough.

What about cleaning after fire damage?

After extraction, we move on to cleaning your home. We use mechanical and chemical cleaning techniques to scrub soot particles from soft furnishings, floors, drywall, drapes, metal, and carpet. Depending on the size of the blaze, it is likely that even if we cannot save the appliance, we can save some items caught in the fire, using thorough cleaning.

When our team has finished cleaning your home, we will deodorize it using a range of air movers, air scrubbers, deodorizing chemicals, ozone machines, and fogging machines as needed. This final step leaves your home smelling fresh once more.

If you are worried about fire damage in your home, do not hesitate. Call SERVPRO of New Orleans at (504) 348-7526.

Customer satisfaction is a vital part of our services. You will receive a call from your file manager a week after our visit, to give you the chance to ask any follow-up questions or air any concerns you may have.

What is the Ideal Extractor for Flooded New Orleans Homes?

7/27/2020 (Permalink)

interior flooding Our SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank team can respond quickly to these emergencies when you call (504) 348-7526.

With dozens of water removal tools available, the choice in what extractor gets used can have a dramatic impact on restoration efficiency in New Orleans.

Multiple considerations must occur before choosing a specific extractor pump after a flood loss in your New Orleans home or business. Severe weather conditions can threaten the city numerous times throughout the year, but most prevalently during hurricane seasons. Natural flooding can be among the most challenging hurdles to overcome with water removal, specifically because of debris and solids within the pool. Our SERVPRO professionals have a fast response to these scenarios, helping to employ several extraction tools to minimize the spread and severity of loss effects.

While there are multiple avenues of flood damage in New Orleans homes that must get considered and addressed when our technicians first arrive, standing water becomes one of the most threatening conditions. Not only can surface water allows for the absorption into porous materials, but it can also amplify the possibility of secondary conditions like bacterial spread or microbial growth. Often extraction in your home comes down to multiple units, including:

    •    Wet Vacuums
    •    Portable Extractors
    •    Truck-Mount Extractors

What Can Self-Priming Trash Pumps Accomplish?

There are specific extractors designed to engage water with solids and debris without falter. Trash pumps operate on gas power, making them ideal for flood loss situations where power availability might be minimal. Because of their high function with slurry and debris, these pumps are less effective when lift is necessary. Many homes around the city are single-story structures, so self-priming trash pumps can be useful tools to move 10,000 to 60,000 gallons of water per hour from all compromised areas.

Flooding can be a substantial challenge for your home, especially when you live in our area of Louisiana where levees can break, and homes can experience flooding several times every year. Our SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank team can respond quickly to these emergencies when you call (504) 348-7526.

It Was Only A Small Fire In My New Orleans Home – Do I really Need Professional Help?

7/15/2020 (Permalink)

Burned Out Bed Room Contact SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank at (504) 348-7526 for quality fire damage service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Soot from Even Small Fires Can Cause Big Damage – SERVPRO Cleans & Restores Your New Orleans Home “Like it never even happened.”

When most people picture a house fire in New Orleans, they think of a home that gets destroyed. But more commonly, small fires occur in a home that can seem minor but still need professional care.

We put the fire out quickly, and it seems like a quick cleanup is all that is needed?

Kitchen fires and fires from faulty appliances and outlets occur more frequently then most people realize. They are often put out quickly and leave little damage, or so it seems. Your paint may not peel, and it may look like no physical damage has occurred. The only thing you see is some soot on items in the room. The fire damage in your New Orleans home may only be from smoke damage but can be extensive even when you cannot see it. Here’s what you should know about soot:

    •    Soot is smoke that has settled onto surfaces.
    •    It can cause hidden damage.
    •    Its tiny particles can quickly spread.
    •    It produces an acidic film that can cause worse problems when in contact with skin.
    •    Specific chemicals are needed to neutralize soot.
    •    If left untreated, it can eat away at the material it covers.
    •    Causes odors.

Cleaning Up Smoke Damaged Rooms

Because of how soot can get into everything from furniture covers to the corners of the ceiling, you need a professional fire damage company that knows how to do the proper cleaning. SERVPRO’s fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) attack the situation with experience and the best tools. The techs use equipment such as dry sponges, HEPA vacuums, and potent cleaning agents to restore your home to preloss condition.

Contact SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank at (504) 348-7526 for quality fire damage service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Who Do I Call to Clean Up Flood Damage in My New Orleans Bar?

7/12/2020 (Permalink)

flood damage in a business office with chairs overturned from the water Flood damage can put a business in a terrible situation. Contact SERVPRO to get flood damage remediation services for your business.

Our SERVPRO professionals are ready to respond quickly to flooding threats that affect your business to keep restoration as short as possible. 

With a staggering 42 flood events in the past two decades at the time that this gets written, New Orleansproperty owners have seen a fair share of severe loss scenarios. As much as the levees help to keep much of the flooding out of the city, considering that much of the area is below sea level, these structures can only do so much against the raw power of nature. When your bar falls victim to the rising waters after a flood loss, it is vital to know who to call to get the situation started restoring as soon as possible.

Cleaning and recovering after flood damage to your New Orleans bar involves handing the control over to competent professionals like our SERVPRO team. We have a fast response to these emergencies. With so many widespread flooding scenarios since we first opened our doors, we are among the most experienced teams in the area for extraction, drying, and post-flood cleanup. With your bar, it is essential first to understand how bad the situation has become by the time you contact our restoration team.

How Bad is the Damage?

Flooding scenarios in New Orleans can get out of control quickly. With the immense pressure of natural flooding, especially when several feet of standing water have entered the bar, areas that you would not normally consider at risk can become problem areas quickly. To fully understand how damaging this situation has grown, we must first assess the damage through a job scoping process conducted by our project manager. Understanding the spread and severity of flood loss effects ensures that we have the right tools and personnel on-site to help. Damage assessments and preliminary evaluations seek to discover:

  • The extent of the damage 
  • Where water damage exists
  • Affected materials
  • Damage contents
  • Potential contamination 

What is the Best Extraction Tool?

Wood is one of the primary materials used to construct your bar. From the plank flooring to the booths, chairs, stools, and other structural elements, wood is almost everywhere in the building. While this provides a specific look and feel to your establishment, it also can become a potential problem when restoration gets underway. The cellulose in wood encourages an almost immediate absorption of water when materials become exposed to natural flooding. Protecting areas that have not yet been impacted by moving water is the focal point of our response to these emergencies. This effort requires numerous extraction tools from our recovery inventory, including:

  • Truck-Mounted Extractor – This is one of the largest extraction units available to our team. This massive unit can remove water at 300PSI, which is often ideal one several feet of standing water exists throughout the bar.
  • Gas-Powered Trash Pump – Solids are often present in flood-damaged properties, making extraction of standing water a potential problem. Trash pumps have a larger intake and discharge line, making it easier to remove water and debris.
  • Electric Submersible Pump – With flooding scenarios where waste is not a factor, submersible pumps can be an excellent choice. Depending on the model, we can move thousands of gallons of water over a brief period.
  • Wet Vacuum – When standing water is under two inches in depth, wet vacuums can be a good choice for removal. These units do not need to maintain a prime, so they can finish the job that submersibles start.

How Can I Get the Bar Cleaned Out?

There are many areas of your bar that are going to fall under the primary heading of contamination after a blackwater natural flooding event. There is too considerable of a risk that floodwater encountered bacteria and other threats in its path to your building. That is why we begin with muck-out and debris removal to clear out the heaps of sediment, solids, and silt that get brought into the structure. Our restoration professionals must then fixate on what techniques and mitigation solutions can expose lightly damaged areas of the property that can get preserved with drying and cleaning. Primarily, cleaning fixates on:

  • Muck-Out
  • Content Management
  • Disinfection

With a team of in-house contractors available 24/7 along with our restorers, we can offer cost-effective and efficient solutions for both restoration and reconstruction. With so many businesses that never reopen after the traumatic flood events of New Orleans, our SERVPRO team can work to ensure that you are not one of them.

Give our SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank team a call anytime you need us at (504) 348-7526.

What Do I Do About Water Leaks Damaging My Kitchen?

6/29/2020 (Permalink)

Leaking plumbing under a kitchen sink Water drips lead to water damage in a New Orleans kitchen cabinet. Don't Wait! Call SERVPRO

Savvy New Orleans Homeowners Use SERVPRO for Water Removal

It is easy to ignore a slow dripping leak under the kitchen sink from the supply line to the dishwasher. It frequently seems like only a humidity slick at the bottom of the cabinet. It is not a lot of water, so a homeowner might think that simply wiping up the spill is sufficient. New Orleans homeowners know, however, that any type of water damage requires investigation and action.

What Are Some of the Real Problems When a Water Leak Occurs in Your New Orleans Kitchen?

Wiping up a spill from a leaking pipe rarely resolves water seepage problems.  The hidden drip grows. The water quietly pools under the sink, becomes a puddle, and flows onto the linoleum kitchen floor.  Only after you slip on the slick in front of the sink, do you open the cabinet door.  There you discover a large puddle and a very wet back wall inside the cabinet. You decide it is now time to call SERVPRO, a nationwide company with 50 plus years’ expertise in water extraction and water removal

How Is the Damp Wall Behind the Sink and in the Cabinet Dried?

SERVPRO’s certified technicians can ensure that the moisture content of the walls and cabinets are restored to standard levels. The team can take measurements with moisture meters and infrared cameras. They can utilize a variety of equipment to get rid of the water and dry out walls and floors, thus preventing potential secondary water damage.  This equipment may include:                                                                                                                           

  • Light wands and wet/vacs
  • Squeegees and mops
  • Air movers to expedite evaporation
  • Dehumidifiers to capture the water vapor

Removal and extraction by these experts make it seem, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank is available 24/7 to mitigate water damage to your home.  Contact us at (504) 348-7526 for help

How Do I Reduce Fire Risk in My New Orleans Craft Brewery?

6/15/2020 (Permalink)

Fire flame background SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank ensures that disaster-affected businesses look, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Teams Can Remove Commercial Fire Damage from New Orleans Facilities

New Orleans craft brewery owners should know that there has been an average of two US craft brewery fires a month since December 2018. While beer and other low alcohol content beverages are not very flammable, the presence of heat, electronics, and dust can create the perfect environment for a fire to ignite.

If a manufacturing-related disaster necessitates commercial fire damage restoration for your New Orleans business, SERVPRO technicians are trained in fire damage mitigation techniques. Both technicians and franchise owners are knowledgeable about best practices for handling fire damage, including cleanup for fire suppression efforts.

What Do Brewery Insurance Companies Recommend for Fire Safety?

    •    Make sure that boilers and kettles are separated from your facilities with a commercial-grade fire break.
    •    Ensure that dust from grain milling is kept in a contained area to prevent dust explosions.
    •    Ventilation is key to preserving safety as well as indoor air quality.
    •    Make sure smoke alarms, fire monitors, and sprinkler systems are operational and to code. Have a system prepared for easy relaying of fire alerts to your local fire department.

How Does SERVPRO Eliminate Fire Damage Residues from My Business?

SERVPRO technicians focus first on removing unsalvageable debris to lessen the spread of soils and odors before focusing on cleaning of surfaces and structures. Technicians start with dry cleaning light residue accumulation before mitigating heavier soiling with an alkaline cleaning agent.

Machinery and electronics require extensive cleaning to prevent soot residues from becoming acidic in the presence of moisture. To prevent this corrosion, SERVPRO can assist you in finding a licensed brewery maintenance specialist.

SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank ensures that disaster-affected businesses look, “Like it never even happened.” Call (504) 348-7526 to begin the mitigation process.