Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Room with collapsed ceiling and debris

SERVPRO Handles Hurricane Damage in New Orleans

Hurricane Zeta caused a tree limb to fall onto this New Orleans home leaving behind extensive water damage within the home affecting six rooms and some walls split from floor to ceiling. SERVPRO technicians arrived quickly and put a tarp over the roof to keep any further rain from entering.

Attic with insulation and exposed hole in the roof

No Power in Lafitte For Storm Damage Cleanup? No Problem.

Strong storms caused water damage in this Lafitte property after one-quarter of the roof got ripped off and water entered. SERVPRO technicians brought generators and a dumpster to collect the debris. The techs tarped over the damaged roof to stop the building materials from getting any further exposure to moisture.

Ceiling with visible water damage

New Orleans Storm Damage to Roof

Storm damage resulted from a tin roof from a neighboring home in New Orleans that blew on top of  this home allowing water damage to enter. The ceiling showed signs of water seepage  and deterioration quickly. SERVPRO techs tarped the roof and dried the damage.

Tin roof blown on top of home roof

Storm Damage to New Orleans Roof

After a hurricane came through New Orleans, a tin roof got blown on top of another roof leaving behind significant water damage. SERVPRO technicians needed to tarp the roof to halt further water entry.

Hallway with hammers on dirty subfloor

New Orleans Storm Damage Affects Two Rooms in Home

This New Orleans home had severe storm damage happen to the walls, ceiling and flooring. This photo shows the mitigation midway through the cleanup process. SERVPRO technicians exposed the substrate after removing the flooring to get it dried using multiple air movers and dehumidifiers.

SERVPRO semi-truck trailer; SERVPRO facility in background

Our Disaster Recovery Team is Always Ready to Go

Once we saw Hurricane Sally's path, we mobilized. Our vehicles are loaded with restoration equipment, and our team members are ready to go. SERVPRO of The New Orleans Westbank is prepared for whatever restoration needs Hurricane Sally brings.

Ceiling with water stains

Storm Damage Hits Multiple Units in New Orleans Residential Complex

Bad weather left this New Orleans apartment complex with storm damage cleanup needs. Standing water was on the upper stories and saturated the walls and ceilings. SERVPRO techs performed the extraction and controlled demo as needed. 

Bathroom with tile floor and framework exposed

Storm Damage in New Orleans Needs Fast Help from SERVPRO

Bad weather brought storm damage to this New Orleans home leaving behind wet flooring, walls, and the need for mold remediation. SERVPRO techs needed to remove the sheetrock due to excessive water loss. However, the seal remained intact on the ceramic tile floor.

Debris Disposal

In this picture, you can see a large amount of debris that was removed from structures affected by severe storms that rolled through the area. Our team is always prepared for anything. If you are affected by storms, call us!

Demolition and Cleanup

In this picture, you can see that the demolition process included removing flooring in order to help remove moisture after a storm water intrusion into this home. We then brought in drying equipment to remove all the remaining water.

Carpet Removal For Storm Damage

When severe storms caused a water intrusion in this home, this room was heavily affected and, as you can see, some of the carpet had to be removed in order to properly repair the damage.

Utility Room Flood

A large storm recently caused flash flooding that affected multiple structures and caused water intrusions all over. This structure was one of the ones affected. We were called in to handle the cleanup and repair.

Storm Damage From River

This facility was flooded when the nearby river rose due to heavy rains from recent storms. There was a lot of water and debris left behind when the flood waters receded, but we were able to make it "Like it never even happened."

When the Storms Come, We'll Be There

The damage that storms can cause can be absolutely devastating. When it happens, you want your life to get back to normal as quick as possible. Our disaster recovery team is always ready to help you do that.